Olla with a spool grip

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Olla with a spool grip
Olla is a pot-bellied jar that can sometimes have a lid. It was used to store food.
The 4 bumps on the shoulder are called "spool" and probably are born as handles with which to grab the olla but then they become purely decorative.
It was made with the technique called "colombino" or "cercine” which consists in rolling up long strings of clay, widening it or tightening it to give a shape to the jar.
Often, in substitution of the cords, bands were modelled in the same way as the strings and  were wrapped on themselves to create the first structure of the jar.
Once the shape was finished, the outer part was smoothed until the cord connection points, or bands, disappeared completely leaving the entire surface uniform. The dough is rich in "chamotte", that is, crushed ceramic obtained from old vases; a solution that made the jar more resistant and made it easier to be worked.
The original, from the tomb nr 3 of Grottazzolina, is 39.5 cm high.
The tomb belonged to a woman buried with rather rich trousseau which, in addition to pottery, was composed of bronze, bone and amber jewelry.
Dating: sixth century BC

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