Miniature jug

Ultima modifica 26 ottobre 2023

Jug with a single handle, almost without neck, with spherical body and made of clay.

Miniature jugs have been found in funerary sets all over the Mediterranean basin. The small size makes these objects suitable for individual use only and especially for almost exclusively funerary use.
The miniature pottery has been read by scholars not only as a simple decrease in the real size of an object of daily use, but as an object of symbolic value, specially created to accompany the deceased person.
The jug was made with clay moulded according to the "colombino" technique which consists in rolling up long strings of clay, widening it or tightening it to give a shape to the jug.

The jug is almost 7,5 cm high.

The specimen was found in tomb nr 3 where a woman was buried with a fairly rich set that, in addition to various types of ceramic vessels counted several jewels of bronze, bone and amber.

Dating:  sixth century BC

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