Amphora with ribbed neck

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A small amphora that has two ring shaped handles and a long neck decorated with slight horizontal ribs parallel, that is, grooves that run on its circumference. The opening, called lip, is flared, while the base has a profiled outline.
It was used to contain and pour liquids.
Like the other ceramic artefacts, this one is also made with technique called "colombino" which consists in rolling up long strings of clay, widening it or tightening it to give a shape to the jar.

Once the shape was finished, the outer side was smoothed or adorned, as in this case, with relief bands made with a rounded stone or with a splint that pushed the surface from the outside to the inside.
The amphora is about 17.5 cm high.

The original was found in tomb nr 21 where a woman was buried with a rich set of bronze fibulas, a torques (a type of rigid necklace), necklaces, armillas and even some amber pendants. There are numerous ceramic and bronze vases, and some tools probably used for banquets.

Dating: sixth century BC.

Amphora with ribbed neck by Officina Picena on Sketchfab

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